It's Time for 
18 in 18
Here at Youth for Colorado we are supporting a new Inititave !

Whats that inititive you ask? One that will lower the drinking age to 18  from 21


18 Year olds are Adults by every other consideration of the law. They can sign contracts, run for office and can even GO TO WAR. Why cant they drink.?  We are working to fix this in Colorado and it all begins with you!

Fact for Thought

Statistics Show Their are actually fewer drunk driving traffic accidents and fatalities in countries where the drinking age is 18.

YES !!

To Lower the Drinking Age in Colorado


"If you thought Colorado was done trying to break legal ground, you thought wrong" - The Rooster Magazine

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A man or Woman  that can go to war, should be able to consume alcohol. Colorado was the first to legalize marijuana leading the US in innovation ! Let us again be the first  lowering the drinking age back to 18 . Help support our cause 18 in 18 Donating any amount will make a world of difference.
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Colorado is waiting for a change

21 is archaic and unnecessary  and  all it takes is your  signature  to make all the  difference! We are currently  in the Initiative process and will soon be around  with petitions  Make your voice heard sign & donate today! 

Increased Revenue from Alchohol

Increased Employment

Lowering the drinking age in Colorado would be a significant boost to the economy. Bringing not only new residents to Colorado but increasing the amount of Jobs in fields such as farming , construction, and  entertainment.
Adding the group of 18-20-year-olds will increase revenue not only the Alcohol industry  from increased alcohol sales but it also would increase in industries such as the farm industry growing hops barley and more also revenue from the entertainment side would increase including bars, and night clubs.

Improved Safety

Statistics  Show that the  drinking age of  21  is  largely ineffective  due to the fact that  teens continue  to  drink anyway.  Legalizing it increases safety  by taking the  lure out of  doing something illegal also  they may do it in a  public space instead of in a  random frat house  or home . They are also more likely to request for help when in need now  that they are not afraid of legal action. 

YES for 18 in 18 

Lower  the Drinking age in  Colorado